Friday, October 24, 2014

Making Do

Easter, 1957
Tachikawa AFB, Japan
Handmade dress by Mom
Photo by Daddy

I often suffer from illusions of grandeur.  I tend to move in the world as though money is no object.  I volunteer relentlessly, give my knowledge away for free and frequently discount my art down to only the cost of supplies.   I don’t know if that feeling of being rich comes from my mother always making sure we had new shoes at the beginning of each school year,  sewed me beautiful clothes and created magnificent Christmases, or growing up in the military.

Apparently in 1958 my desires got the best of me and the only way my mother could address my wants was to sit me down and remind me how hard my daddy worked for what little we had.

Easter, 1957
The rest of the family
Steve, Raworth, Lamar, Mom and Dad
Photo by me
Making Do

By day
a Tech Sergeant
in the
Daddy drove
a cab
at night
380 a month
25 a week
for groceries
7 kids
1 pair of shoes
10 cents
for cub scout
the whole house
for that

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