Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Craft of Writing

 Mom, Grace Laverne, models her own design, 1958

I model my recycled, shibori dyed tunic and jacket, 2012

I title this poem The Craft of Writing even though it is about my mother making a quilt.  Ultimately it’s all the same when we are being creative.  All our works of art engage the principles of organization and design, and the elements of art.  Even as a hair designer and running a business.  I didn’t know it then, but looking back I can see it.  To be creative is to respond to each moment with lines and color, etc implementing rhythm, variety, etc.  I love that my mother sewed and taught me to sew.  She modeled her creations.  I modeled mine, including the recycled tunic and jacket that I shibori dyed.  She sewed clothing for me and I sewed for my daughters and they too, modeled.

The Craft of Writing

The quilt my mother made me
sent me in the mail
lays on my bed
a legacy
by Grace
the tag in the corner says

The craft of quilting
she learned
all by herself
from Woman’s Day
and Family Circle
and The Ladies Home Journal
quilts seen in designer homes
dreamed in her own
directions cut
from magazines saved
scraps of polyester sewn

mine is cotton cool cotton
red and white
circles and squares
the red, dotted swiss
the white, muslin

slowly stitched together
my hand moves across the page
spreading words on white

Mom sewed my 1964
prom dress
I'm on the right
She sewed my wedding dress in 1965

I sewed for Dana and Danielle
and they modeled for me

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