Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Baby you’re doing your best


 Just for the record, it isn’t easy, parenting, and kids aren’t always happy.  Nonetheless, I had a knowing.  "I know what I’m doing," I told advice givers.  I listened, but deep down inside I knew what I was doing.  And you do too.  With the advent of so many books, talk shows and advice columns on how to parent many parents forget they have a knowing, they second guess their decisions and fall prey to one expert after another.  It’s really very simple. Just come from love and never send your children off for the day, or to bed angry.  Always make peace.  And remember, no matter what they do, always be their advocate. If you don’t, who will? 

Me and Johnny
 Baby you’re doing your best 

I’m a failure I feel inside
in turmoil and distress
I sweet talk myself
baby, you’re doin’ your best

my dear little child
all of three years
screechin’ and screamin’
sweet as can be
sayin’ please and thank you
with hugs and kisses
cryin’ and yellin’

how can this be?
I sweet talk myself
baby, you never knew
it would turn out like this

the house is quitet
I hear a voice inside
soft singing me
soothing me
as I near cry

I ponder and sigh
that place in my chest
between my breast
for the love of my children

I rant and rave
I be silent and sweet
he kicks he cries
off to his room
throws toys and hollers
stay out!

oh baby, my heart cries
for your wounded soul
as those tears roll down
those contented peaceful
eyes now drenched
look out

I’m a failure I feel in side
in turmoil and distress
I sweet talk myself
baby, you’re doin’ your best
(C) 1991
 Dad, Mom and me

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