Thursday, December 11, 2014


 The first thing I did was invite friends to my "only two years until my 70th birthday party."  One friend said, "you don't have to say that." I said, "I want to." It reminds me that time is of the essence.   It truly will be "more painful to remain tight in a bud than to blossom."  Thank you, Anais Nin.  I intend to set a pace at which I will be able to continue to create and share my art and knowledge and prosper until I'm 98. Not only for the income but for the stimulation.  (I have a role model of a woman who lived vibrantly  until she was 98.) The second thing I did was give away instructions on my technique via photos and a PDF. I was asked detailed questions.  I gave detailed answers. The gift for me from the asking was a confirmation that 1. I had valuable knowledge and 2. I could communicate it in a way that could be understood. This changed my perspective from procrastinating, (no one wants this info) to committing to get that video made and that book done. I am so grateful she asked! This is the poem I included in my birthday invitation. "Power Tools.  Express yourself. Make a statement. Make it count. Write your story, no matter how painful. Make art as if you will live forever.  Stir up the energy. Then share it, as if you will die tomorrow."

Dolores Laverne Zabielski 1951

First, Mother made sections
laid a rag across her finger
combed smooth
the silky strands
wrapped them down, under,
up and around
tying a knot
sliding her finger out.

Next morning
she untied each one
chocolate swirls
pulling them back
I sat, pretty
or her to finish.

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