Monday, September 29, 2014

Punk at three and a half

            Punk at three and a half

            We got a note from his teacher
            I mean, he’s only three and a half

            It’s the sillies, she said
            he’s got the sillies
            he won’t settle down
            and do his work
            he’s just too silly
            having too much fun
            he doesn’t seem to know
            what is socially unacceptable.

            I’ve been wondering what would happen
            all this freedom he’s been having
            I never say no
            it’s morally wrong
            physically damaging.

            So this is how he turned out
            too silly.

            What is socially unacceptable, anyway?
            I ask.

            Playing in his food.

            Interesting, I say, considering
            his favorite friend is an artist
            and she calls food art
            and Hershey’s syrup food paint.

            Maybe he’s making food art?

            And about his hair
            maybe it would be better
            if he didn’t get it cut so short
            it disrupts the class
            the children gather ‘round him
            what did you do to your hair?  
            they ask
            and they all want to touch it.

            Oh my God
            they want to touch him?

            He’s the one who wants it cut so short
            do you think it could be
            he likes to be touched?

            So this is how he turned out
            too silly
            having too much fun
            and he likes to be touched

            What is socially unacceptable
            anyway?  (c) 1984

If you're the child of a writer you can expect that at some point you will be written about.  It's easier when the kids are young.  It gets harder as they get older.  I'm not sure why that is.  Maybe when they are younger it's expected that the parent will have opinions.  When the kids get older those opinions are more open for debate.  And it's not that you don't want to debate them.  Just not with your kids.



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