Sunday, September 28, 2014

An Answer to a Child’s Cry

How do we answer all our children and grand children's question?  I wrote An Answer to a Child's Cry many years ago.  Recently my daughter, Dana, the mother of my grandson's pictured above, asked for a copy.  "You should make a blog of your poetry," she suggested.
An Answer to a Child’s Cry

You are unique, darlin’
Unique at this very moment
The way you dress
The way you write
The smile you share
You are an original
There are not duplicates
There is no one to compete with
You are unique
And you have a unique
Relationship with God
Your are meant to be eternal
To live forever

So listen
Listen to the distant echo
Calling to your soul
Be yourself and get
That this is it

There are no more tomorrows
Get that this is it
And the journey begins
The race is on
The choice yours
The goal faith
You know
The don’t worry
Everything will be all right faith
Get the faith
Get the don’t worry
And you’re home free

Get the this is it
Give thanks for what you’ve got
Imagine what you want
And you’re home free

Then your real life begins
Your life of growth
‘cause when you’re growing
you are living life to its fullest
and growth is where it’s at, darlin’
so take a chance and grow

there’s no need to worry
you got the faith
you got the
don’t worry
every thing will be all right faith

being here now
the passage to growth

the passage growth
the way it is

the way it
this is it

get that this is it
and the journey begins
the growth begins

. . .and through it all
through all the growth
through all the change
who you are
remains the same
in the presence of change

. . .and the gift you give
is being committed
to doing good
to living love.


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