Monday, September 29, 2014

Equal Spread

Birth control is always an issue.  I so welcomed menopause.

Equal Spread

Well I just won’t do it
do sex anymore

but it’s all sex
my daddy said
if you want to keep your man
it’s all sex
you want to keep your man
don’t give him no cause to run around
it’s all sex baby

so I ask myself
what’s a woman to do
castrate, mutilate or self pollute
continue to try discipline and self control
or just don’t do it.

how many times have I laid upon that table
and spread my legs
fifteen times at least for each child
that’s sixty
once a year for twenty fertile years
that’s eighty
four cuts and stitches
pain killing shots and drugs
I even had the contents sucked out twice.

you’d think just once
he’d lay upon that table
spread his legs
and cut that flow.
© 1984

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