Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Food and Love

Yesterday I watched the video Johnny's new bride's sister made of them preparing for their wedding in Taiwan. On Friday night I skyped their wedding which was taking place on Saturday morning. I was seeing into the future. I was not there to share food at that moment, however food from Johnny's adventurous life was always part of our ritual conversations on the meaning of life, learning to think for oneself and taking responsibility for one's actions.

After a bout with juvenile court we'd come home to leftover beans and rice and a discussion of consequences. On the way to a soccer tournament he'd dig into a cooler of cheese and grapes, granola bars, ham sandwiches and chips. We would talk about winning and losing. After a class five river rafting trip that he took me on we ate apples and cheese on a rock out cropping, me thankful to be alive, Johnny, fearless and filled with satisfaction. The discussion turned to the majesty of nature. Whatever he took on, he played full out.

Today he follows his love of God around the world in order to witness to others the power that love can have in one's life. The God he sought kayaking over 40 foot waterfalls now fills his heart. The foods we share take place in emails asking for a specific recipe for apple crisp or a healing soup.

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  1. Nice video! Beautiful wife, Danny John! Congratulations!